Showerhead repair and replacement in Alpharetta


There are two main issues to look for when dealing with a faulty shower head.  Leaky shower heads can occur when there is a worn washer or a break in the connection between the shower arm and the shower head. An experienced plumber in Johns Creek needs to take care of this type of problem. Should the shower head arm become broken inside the wall, it will require removing tile and sheetrock in order to access the broken arm and get it repaired.

The other thing that we see most times is a clogged shower head due to lime deposits. Once the holes the create the water pattern get stopped up, there are a few things that a homeowner can try before calling a plumber in Johns Creek. There are products for removing the lime deposits available at your local home improvement store but these only work on small lime deposits. If your shower head is clogged pretty bad, it is time for a plumber in Johns Creek to take care of the shower head replacement for you.

My Johns Creek Plumber, Marshall Plumbing has been replacing shower heads in homes throughout the Johns Creek area since 2001. Our master plumbers have replaced hundreds of shower heads and know how to get the job done quickly without making a mess of your bathroom. There are many different types and sizes of shower heads to choose from. Just visit your local home improvement store and purchase the one you like and let Marshall Plumbing install the new shower head for you at an affordable price.


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