Clogged Sinks

Funny how you take your kitchen sink for granted when it is working properly. And nothing points this out better than when the thing gets clogged up. It’s then you realize that the kitchen sink gets a lot of use, whether it’s washing dishes, rinsing food from plates and cooking utensils or chewing up waste in the garbage disposal. And there’s one thing about kitchen sink use: It smells bad in a hurry, so getting a clog out quickly is vital.

From problems as simple as when just drop something into the sinks drain pipes or your old garbage disposal not chewing up the waste food, we’ve got the equipment and the trained master plumbers in Johns Creek on the job to get things flowing for you quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. From clogged bathroom sinks, bathtubs, Showers, kitchen sinks, main sewer lines, we can take care of all of it for you in Johns Creek.

Many of the  pipes in the walls and underneath your Johns Creek homes may very old.  Over years, rust can build up which will speed up the deterioration of the pipe causing it eventually fail and collapse causing water or sewage to back up into your home. Roots from nearby trees and shrubbery, commonly cause clogs which require a professional sewer line inspection and and repaired by plumber in Johns Creek. With our state of the art video inspection equipment, my Johns Creek Plumber, can identify and locate the cause of the clog and get it repaired quickly.


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