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Water Line Repair Johns Creek

Low water pressure can make all sorts of little tasks, from taking a shower to washing the dishes, less efficient (not to mention less pleasant). Inadequate pressure at a faucet may result from clogs and corrosion in pipes and in-line devices, or from low water volume or delivery pressure.

In older homes with galvanized water lines it is a fact that they will certainly build up rust inside which decreases the water pressure. The rust will also make the water line vunerable to leakage. There is one thing to keep in mind when repairing a leak in galvanized pipe. It you change one section of the pipe or replace a leaking pipe joint, it will affect the other pipe. In this case, it is better to just replace the entire piping and use a more modern copper pipe that doesn’t corrode. My Johns Creek Plumber, Marshall Plumbing Inc. is a master plumbing company that knows how to get your galvanized pipe repaired or replaced and provide your with tips on how to prevent problems in the future. Call Marshall Plumbing for all of your water line repairs in Johns Creek.

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